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Business advising, start-up and assistance

Nowadays people realize the importance of knowing all legal aspects and rules necessary to be followed when investing in business on a new market (especially in Moldova), whether or not it is an investment project at start-up or already a developed one. When our Client is interested in getting involved in a business opportunity in Moldova, we are always by his side to provide detailed legal opinion regarding all risks, including legal, financial and economic aspects. “Durleșteanu & Partners” ’ assistance is not limited to theoretical aspects and it includes also practical implementation of all solutions provided by us.

The services provided by BAA "Durleşteanu & Partners" include, but are not limited to:

- Complete business analysis, both for start-up and developed business, which will contain a detailed description of all possible legal risks and appropriate measures to protect the Client against them;

- Legal analysis of Client’s investment or business ideas, providing appropriate advices on better ways to organize the business activity from the legal point of view;

- Assisting the client throughout the process of negotiation, analysis and drafting of commercial contracts (including international ones);

- Providing legal assistance for cases of disputes between business partners and/or third parties;

- Legal analysis of draft contracts and contracts that were already signed in order to identify risks and implications, providing advices on how to amend the contract or to improve the situation;

- Registration of companies and non-profit organizations in Moldova, as well as providing maintenance services throughout company’s day by day activities;

- Obtaining licenses, authorizations, approvals necessary for Clients business activity in Moldova;

- Establishing and maintaining amiable relationship with public institutions / authorities responsible for client’s business activity in Moldova and providing the necessary support in the field of Moldovan public procurement process;

- Monitoring Moldovan legislative amendments and draft laws concerning the activity of each Client separately and informing Clients about the impact of such amendments;

- Preparing legal due diligences for privatization, acquisition, merger of companies, business investments, etc.

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