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Consulting and audit

We consider uncompromising such principles, as inviolability of property, freedom of contract, inadmissibility of interference within private affairs, free exercise of civil rights, guaranteed restoration of violated rights and their judicial protection.

As the time passes on, many CEO’s of big and small business companies realize and recognize the importance of legal advice in their companies’ environment, especially when the business expands and enters into the new markets. Legal services play its major role whether the investment project is at a star-up level or it is already in progress. If the client client is interested to get involved as a potential new partner into a business that has been already launched or he decides to launch something new business ideas on the market, we are there to support him with our opinion and advice, based on the reach practice of our professionals who are able to evaluate how risky the investment could be from the legal, financial and economy spectrum. Our report is not limited on theoretical views and opinion, that is an usual feature for many of our competitors, but will use recommendations applicable in practice.

The services offered by the Associated Advocacy Bureau "Durlesteanu & Partners" are:

- Perform complex business audit, both at start-up and during the course of business activity in order to identify client’s risks, demonstrate and convince on how he can avoid the risks or finally protect the client against these risks in case he has been already involved into the project;

- Realize the study of the client’s investment project or the business idea to propose optimal solutions in choosing the right legal form on starting or continuing the business successfully;

- Assisting clients in the negotiation, drafting of the commercial contracts and their review, underline the weak points of the deal and highlight the eventual risks, legal assistance on disputes between business partners and third parties, including public authorities

- The establishment and registration of companies and non-profit organizations, as well as providing out-sourcing legal services during the client’s business activity;

- Assistance in the process of obtaining licenses, permits and approvals that are necessary to conduct entrepreneurial activity;

- Maintain collaboration with public institutions / authorities whom the client’s activity depends on and provide the necessary legal support in relation to these institutions;

- Legal advice in public procurement organized and/or financially support by the foreign donors;

- Monitoring legislative amendments and draft laws concerning the activity of each client and informing customers about the potential impact of such legislative initiatives or amendments. Advocacy;

- Preparing the reports/ legal due diligence for various processes: privatization, acquisition, merger of companies, business investment, etc.

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