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Litigation and Mediation

One of our mottoes – “Preventing the conflict is the best way to solve it” - is applicable also for cases when the lawyers from "Durleşteanu & Partners" participate as mediators.

Mediation is the process intended for parties involved in a dispute to solve it with the assistance of a mediator and allows them to jointly determine how to treat the consequences of the dispute and its future implications.

Mediation procedure’s benefits:

- Fast and mutually beneficial resolution of disputes by balancing the interests of the parties without the involvement of state judicial bodies;

- Confidentiality of the procedure;

- Relatively low costs;

- Professional legal assistance by mediators with experience in international litigation and mediation;
- etc.

“Durleşteanu & Partners” can provide you with lawyers specialized in mediation and with successful experience in practical application of this knowledge.

Accepting to try solving any type of dispute through mediation can only have positive results: even if the dispute is not settled through mediation, the parties will have their claims much better outlined and, realizing by mediation their true intentions and position towards the object of the dispute, will be much closer to solve it.

However, in case of failing to solve the disputes by means of mediation, our lawyers will assist you during any lawsuit before domestic courts of all levels and/or during arbitration (including international arbitration).

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